Renew your Landscape this spring season

Renew your Landscape this spring season


In winter your landscape doesn’t need proper maintenance due to severe weather conditions. But with the start of spring now you need to give proper maintenance time to your garden and landscape to give them a new life with the beginning of spring and summer. To make your garden perfect here are some useful tips.

  • Before you start planting new things, make sure they’re appropriate for this time of year and your location. Also, think about things like how much sun and how much shade the plants will get in different parts of your yard. Finally, talk to your local landscaping or lawn and garden expert about what plants will do better in spring. Many plants will thrive for years if you follow a suggested planting schedule.
  • Spring and summer is the season to give plants a new life but the bad news is that the pest can destroy them before they start blooming. So beware of these pests and take precautions that how you can get rid of them.
  • Before planting estimate the growth. Think about how much they might grow in six months or even six years. You don’t want to plant a shrub that seems small and manageable only to have it block your view or destroy your sidewalk in a few years.
  • The beginning of spring is a good time to treat your grass with a mixture of fertilizer – to feed the grass – and pre-emergent, which keeps away crabgrass. It’s better to stop crabgrass in its track than to spend all spring and summer battling it. Wait about two months, and then apply these products again along with broadleaf weed killer.
  • Winter can be tough on your trees. Dead branches need to come down, but it might not be apparent which branches are healthy and which ones are at the end of their lives.

Through these useful tips, you can easily renew your landscape. You can also hire any professional team for more changes as well as for landscape construction.

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