Landscape Design Tips for Beginners

Landscape Design Tips for Beginners


A beautifully developed and well-maintained landscape can do wonders for your home’s aesthetic appeal. It will raise the value of your house the first step to landscaping success is creating an effective design. Creating a simple yet practical landscape design is very important. Here are some useful landscape tips for beginners.

  • Before you start working on your design, understand the difference between needs and wants. A need is a necessity or an essential, whereas a want is a desire. Make a list of landscape needs and wants.
  • Once your sketch is completed though and you are ready with your overall design, you will need to draft it to scale to determine such things as how many square feet of gravel pathways you will need?  How many square feet for your paver patio?  How many feet of pipe for your irrigation system?  How many plants and so on?
  • Try to focus on the main points of your garden called focal points. Your garden’s focal point can be anything interesting to look at, something colourful or visually appealing. Typical examples include a sculpture, a tree, a series of shrubs, a water feature, or a flower bed.
  • Scaling and pacing your garden will give it a unified and put-together look. Depending on the elements used, there will be variations in size, shape, and color. Landscapers emphasize the importance of finding a balance between recurrence and new essentials.
  • Repetitions can create a sense of cohesion but may become monotonous when used excessively or unnecessarily.
  • The placement of your patio is very important. Also, consider wind speed. If your area encounters strong winds, keeping a pit fire burning may prove to be a task next to impossible on a cold and windy night. When creating a landscape design, study how the sun’s position changes and the wind behavior throughout the year.

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